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Soup Kitchen
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Soup Kitchen
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What I Do

Communications, fundraising and brand strategy

I've been working with charities for over 20 years, half of it charity side and half agency.
My specialisms are fundraising and communication strategies, brand positioning, product development, digital transformation and multi-channel creative execution.
I've worked directly, and in senior leadership roles for Amnesty International UK, Refugee Action and Prisoners Abroad.
In my agency side roles I have worked with over 100 charities and NGO's, all with the aim of connecting people to causes they believe in, and mobilising them to drive positive change.
I'm also a trustee and a leadership/fundraising mentor.

Soup Kitchen

My working methodology

Meet daily

Strip out everything non-essential

What have we learned from yesterday?

What will we achieve today?

What do we aspire to achieve this week?

Take a full hour for lunch


“Can I have a pint yet? I've been working really hard all day...”

Wayne Murray

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Get in contact if your organisation needs to make a key step change in terms of engagement, financial growth, communication reach. digital step change and brand development.

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